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ToughLED™ Pro

Designed with electricians, for electricians

Our new ToughLED™ Pro range is the culmination of feedback from over one hundred electrical contractor Interviews. We watched, listened and learnt to gain an understanding of the key areas that hampered electrical contractors when installing traditional weatherproof fixtures. 

Our Design and Development team then took this information as the brief to improve all aspects of installation, from wiring access, IP maintenance, side clip mechanisms to simple points such as laser level and internal drilling guides.



ToughLED Pro







ToughLED™ Pro install with DTS Electrical

Electrical contractors DTS Electrical, invited JCC along to spend the morning with them to film the installation of our new ToughLED™ Pro weatherproof LED batten.









Lock-in-place side clip design

ToughLED Pro features side fastening clips that can be secured into a 90° position to ensure they don't get in the way during installation or when attaching the diffuser.



Lock-in-place side clip design







Detachable terminal block with four detachable easy-click terminal block positions

ToughLED Pro features a detachable 4-way loop-in/loop-out terminal block that can be positioned in four locations along the base to meet any cable entry point 180° rotatable terminal block to meet any cable point.









Two-part rear IP66 gasket and pre-moulded 2-way cable restraints

ToughLED™ Pro features a two-part lockable IP66 surface mounting gasket to maintain ingress protection for rear cable entry when surface mounting.

Cable restraints are positioned along the fitting to ensure cables are secured neatly and avoid interference with the diffuser and internal gear when closing the fixture.













Completely versatile conduit options with inbuilt BESA and surface mount guides

The main body of ToughLED Pro is wide enough to ensure coverage when retrofitting and the correct width for BESA conduit boxes.

All fixing points are marked on the outside and inside of the ToughLED Pro base. Pilot guildes ensure accurate pre-drilling and fixing of BESA conduit boxes. 











Extra wide surface mount bracket rail for flexible mounting locations

ToughLED™ Pro provides the flexibility when surface mounting to locate joists. The strengthened surface bracket ensures a ultra secure connection in the event of impact.













Plug-and-play modular emergency and sensor packs

Plug-and-play emergency and microwave sensor modules allow standard ToughLED™ Pro fittings to be easily adapted to emergency, microwave and microwave emergency variants.








ToughLEDTM Pro Emergency Packs

ToughLEDTM Pro Sensors Packs