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High performance industrial lighting

The Toughbay range provides a durable and efficient direct replacement for the equivalent HID metal halide that industrial applications have become accustomed to.

Available in 5700K and 1-10V dimmable as standard. Toughbay is a complete solution for industrial lighting.









Emergency variants testable from below the fitting

Toughbay™ is available with a 3 hour maintained emergency pack.

The pack utilises an LED indicator that protrudes from the fitting, ensuring the status of the charge to the batteries is clearly visible from below the fitting.

Emergency version not available for Toughbay Retrofit.









Engineered for the toughest environments

Toughbay has been designed and engineered for ultimate durability. With IK10 protection against impact it is relentlessly hard wearing. The range is entirely IP65 protected against dust and moisture ensuring Toughbay is suitable for the harshest environments.

  • IK10 rated for maximum impact resistance
  • IP65 protection against dust, moisture and environmental contaminants
  • Driver suitable for extreme operative temperatures, from -30°C up to +45°C






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Market leading warranties

We believe a manufacturers warranty is your assurance of quality and reliability. This is why the Toughbay range is covered by an extended warranty.

Toughbay and Toughbay Retrofit are supported by a 5-year extended warranty including 1-year on-site ensuring added peace of mind.

All of our products comply to the latest lighting standards.






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Multiple beam angle options

Toughbay and Toughbay Retrofit are available in 60°, 90° and 120° beam angle options, ensuring suitability for a wider variety of applications, whether it be racking, aisles or open plan areas.

Typically you would use a more shallow 60° beam angle for higher mounting areas, creating a more direct output ensuring the ground below is illuminated to a sufficient level. Racking may require a wider beam angle to ensure the light spread covers the necessary areas.

To ensure you receive the most out of the Toughbay range please contact your local JCC representative for a free bespoke lighting scheme.






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Dimming and Sensing

Toughbay and Toughbay Retrofit are both 1-10V dimmable as standard allowing you more control of your lighting.

When paired with our innovative microwave sensor there is even greater opportunity for cost savings. It fits simply to the edge of the fitting using a specialist bracket.
This ensures the microwave sensor isn’t obstructed by the product allowing for an accurate performance.

When movement is detected the fitting will illuminate to 100% light output for the duration that is specified when installed. You can amend these settings at any point using the dip
switches on the sensor or via our Toughbay Microwave Remote Control.









Toughbay microwave remote control

Our Toughbay microwave remote control has been designed to allow the user full control of their highbay settings from the ground. Typically microwave sensors have dipswitches on the sensor that need to be adjusted to change the dim settings. Once the install has taken place it’s very difficult to change these settings as industrial light fixtures are often positioned at inaccessible heights that require the use of a cherry picker. Our remote control allows for the microwave settings to be set and adjusted from the ground, making commissioning simple and minimizing cost.






The remote has 6 areas that can be adjusted:

Quick setting

QS1-4 are default settings suitable for different applications and mounting heights

Detection area

This allows for the user/installer to select level of sensitivity required to turn the fitting on.

Hold Time

The length of time the luminaire remains at full brightness before dimming or turning off

Stand-by dim level

Minimum brightness the luminaire remains at after no movement is detected

Stand-by period

This is the length of time the luminaire remains at the dimmed brightness before turning off.

Daylight sensor

Select ambient natural light level that is required before the luminaire is switched on with microwave detection