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The National Bank of Kuwait




The National Bank of Kuwait

For 70 years, the National Bank of Kuwait have succeeded in offering a broad range of financial and investment solutions to individual, corporate and institutional clients. 

With a commitment to implement sustainable practices throughout their business, NBK undertook an initiative to implement their first sustainable pilot branch in Kaifan, Kuwait City. The project undertook various energy efficiency measures and renewable energy aspects to reduce the carbon footprint of the branch as well as saving energy resources. Alongside Clenergy MENA one of the energy efficiency measures taken was the retrofit of light fixtures to LED where Leviton/JCC fixtures were used.





Clenergy MENA are specialists in the supply and contracting services of renewable energy efficiency solutions and has been operating in the Kuwaiti market since 2015. Clenergy MENA holds a robust partnership with Leviton which also offer various energy-saving and energy efficiency solutions to the market.

A broad range of light fittings were identified that required replacement to meet their sustainability initiative. From commercial downlights, LED panels and wall mounted fixtures, along with light fixtures that meet the requirements for emergency lighting.





With a broad range of lighting solutions, Leviton were perfectly positioned to provide retrofit options to suit all replacements. 

Skydisc™ and Coral LED® commercial downlights were chosen for corridors, whilst Skytile® LED panels were used in open areas due to the broad light distribution, low glare rating and high energy efficiency of over 100 lumens per circuit Watt. RadiaLED® bulkheads were used in stairwells along the walls. 

Compatible emergency packs were provided to adapt the LED downlights and panels into emergency light fixtures, with a backup power source that provides reassurance that the fittings will function in the event of an emergency.