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VK Gym, West Sussex




VK Gym, West Sussex

VK Gym has expanded their business to allow room for the growing trend of CrossFit. Having previously installed Skypack, VK returned to JCC to provide a lighting solution for their new premises.

In 2015, VK Gym in Bognor Regis switched from old T8 fluorescents to LED with the installation of JCC's Skypack LED batten. The objective of this installation was to reduce energy and maintenance costs, allowing them to reinvest in more equipment for the gym. Since the installation, VK Gym has purchased a building adjacent to their main gym, a big open space designated for CrossFit and spinning classes.

The lighting for the new building needed to feel light, airy and clean whilst offering the same energy and cost saving potential as the first installation. Group fitness classes, such as CrossFit, require high LUX levels to ensure equipment and other group members are easily visible, which helps avoid injury. A cool white colour temperature was necessary to help create the clean and light feel that will invigorate and energise everyone using the facility. Finally, to create consistent lighting throughout the room, the lighting needed to be suspended from the sloping warehouse ceiling.

The product that fulfilled all requirements for VK Gyms expansion was Skytile Surface. Using the same technology as Skytile. the market leading LED panel, Skytile Surface provides outstanding light quality in an elegant aluminium frame. The 4700K cool white colour temperature produces near daylight conditions, creating a light and clean feel to the gym.

Lisa, CrossFit Trainer:

“The bright white light of Skytile Surface is perfect for my classes. A dark and dingy room is not motivating and it wouldn’t be safe to run around and do all the crazy exercises I put my customers through.”

The lightweight aluminium frame and detachable LED panel made the installation of Skytile Surface quick and straightforward. The LED panel was fixed into place after the frame was installed, minimising the risk of damaging the LED panel itself.

Benefits of JCC Skytile Surface

Up to 40% energy saving against fluorescent fittings
Highly efficient, providing 82 lpcw
Near daylight 4700K colour temperature
Easy to clean wipeable surface
Quick and easy installation
5 years extended warranty