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The Gym Group




The Gym Group

The health and fitness sector has seen enormous growth in the past few years, driven by the emergence of the new 24/7 ‘all access’ gym model. This allows members to access and use the facilities at any time, day or night, and fit their exercise routines in with their daily schedules.

Established in 2008 by John Treharne, former England squash player. The ‘affordable high spec’ gym business has quickly grown to become one of the UK’s leading health and fitness brands. The nature of the 24/7 ‘all access’ model means that fixtures will be in use for most of the day, 365 days per year. This clearly requires a suite of high specification products that are tailored and tested to support this unique application.



The Gym Group



The Gym Group selected JCC Lighting to support with replacement of all lighting fixtures in existing and new gyms. We provided a full lighting solution that met lux level requirements and maximised energy cost reductions.

Our Projects Team visit each facility to ensure the lighting is tailored to the specific requirements of each gym. The details are then passed to our inhouse lighting designers who provide a comprehensive lighting scheme for all areas.

To learn more about this project or speak to one of our Project's Specification team please contact us on:01243 838999



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