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Taylors Bulbs




Taylors Bulbs

Since 1919, Taylors Bulbs has been growing and supplying flower bulbs across the nation. Based in Lincolnshire, they design an extensive range of products for the UK and Irish markets. With a passion for continual improvement, they wanted to enhance their employee's working environment whilst reducing energy usage and their carbon footprint.

In early 2023 Taylors Bulbs installed 1,544 solar panels on their site, in doing so they have saved 125 tonnes of CO²e per year and produced approximately 538 MWh of electricity annually. The company saw an opportunity to maximise their energy saving by combining solar and LED lighting. By replacing all their old existing linear fluorescents to contemporary LED lights, the company has achieved energy savings of 30% through lighting upgrades.

Adam Taylor, Director, Sales & Marketing at Taylors Bulbs explained:

We are delighted with the upgraded lighting in our warehouses and office spaces to energy efficient LED’s. We had just undertaken a solar installation, so it made sense to take an obvious next step and change the entire site to LED lighting and minimise our energy usage.”  



Taylors Bulbs



With over 200 employees during pick season, it was important for Taylors Bulbs to gain greater control of the light usage on site. To maximise savings, microwave sensors provide an additional 20-30% energy saving by detecting occupancy and motion, ensuring lights are only active when needed. Adam Taylor commented:

“We had a few of these fittings in one of our warehouses so we knew they were a good, bright light and that the team loved working under them, but we added in the movement sensors with all the new lights fitted as we felt we could make further savings if the lights reacted to the usage.” 



Taylors Bulbs



JCC’s weatherproof range, ToughLED™ Pro and highbay range Toughbay™, were installed throughout their warehouse and production facilities. Having elevated levels of illumination in areas that require detailed work is essential in providing the best working environment. In locations with lower footfall microwave sensors were added, ensuring the lights are only on when the areas are in use, providing further energy savings.




Taylors Bulbs



Multiple studies have shown that not having adequate lighting can have a negative impact on employees. Working in an office or warehouse that is too bright or too dark can affect employee’s morale, productivity and bring on fatigue.



Taylors Bulbs



Adam Taylor commented:

“At the same time, we changed all lighting in the offices, canteen, toilets, etc. and it was very important for us to receive advice and recommendations, so we got the brightness right for each space.”

JCC provided a full LED project solution with Skytile TP(a)/UGR panels. Designed to comply with BS EN 12464-1 lighting of workspace Skytile TP(a)/UGR panels provide adequate lighting offering visual comfort to employees. 



Taylors Bulbs



Taylors Bulbs has a strong desire to reduce their carbon footprint and become a more sustainable business. Since 2017 they have reduced their peat usage by 98% and they are now almost 100% peat free. In 2022 they also recycled over 76 tonnes of their waste and sent over 159 tonnes of organic waste to be composted. By reducing energy consumption, lighting retrofits contribute to a cut in greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. LED lights also contain fewer hazardous materials and are recyclable, making them a more environmentally friendly choice.

Adam Taylor concluded:

“We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of this investment in our carbon footprint measurements, and the calculations for the return on investment were for a far shorter time than I had ever imagined. My only regret is not having done it before!”


Products used in this application:



ToughLED Pro

ToughLEDTM Pro

Skytile Base TP(a) UGR

Skytile TP(a)/UGR panels