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Case Studies

Taylors Bulbs

Wholesale nursery invests in LED to reduce energy usage & improve staff wellbeing

The National Bank of Kuwait

The National Bank of Kuwait needed a lighting solution to support their sustainability initiative.

Whitbread Premier Inn

With a diverse range of amenity lighting and market leading fire rated downlights, JCC were the ideal supplier to support Whitbread with their expanding business.

Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens sought after a lighting scheme that provided the required output, efficiency and colour rendering specifications that would highlight their expansive range. Supported by the JCC Projects and Lighting Design Team, they have been provided with a specialised scheme.

The Gym Group

The health and fitness sector has seen enormous growth in the past few years, driven by the emergence of the new 24/7 ‘all access’ gym model. Requiring a lighting solution suitable for the 24/7 opening hours, The Gym Group approached JCC.

Dennis Eagle, Warwickshire

Tasked with lowering energy consumption, JCC carried out a complete LED retrofit in the main manufacturing plant, office and reception of Dennis Eagle, the refuse collection vehicle manufacturer.

Crest Nicholson, Surrey

Crest Nicholson needed a lighting solution to help lower their carbon emissions in 2017. Crest Nicholson has been designing and building innovative housing solutions for 50 years.

VK Gym, West Sussex - Revisited

VK Gym has expanded their business to allow room for the growing trend of CrossFit. Having previously installed Skypack, VK returned to JCC to provide a lighting solution for their new premises.