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Empowering a Path to Net-Zero




Our commitment to sustainability

As a global leader, Leviton are committed to reducing our environmental impact and empowering our customers to be more sustainable. 

Our goal is to make an impact by fostering sustainability with how we behave and build solutions that help preserve our environments and cultivate our communities.






We believe in a carbon-free future and our goal is carbon neutrality across our business operations by 2030.
Our ambition is to be net-zero by 2050.

As part of the Leviton family, JCC Lighting is committed to support the Leviton sustainability inititiative through ensuring our commercial processes, behaviour and solutions are targeted towards meeting the CN30 goal. 









ISO14001 Registered

In support of the Leviton CN30 program, JCC has expanded our internal programs to better understand our environmental impact and make further commitments to our sustainability program.

JCC has been ISO14001 (Environmental Management) certified for over 10 years and used this to help manage our impact on the environment by implementing recycling initiatives, making reductions in harmful packaging and H&S best practices.




Silver Ecovadis Rating

Founded in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 90,000+ rated companies.

Their mission is to provide the world’s most-trusted sustainability ratings, enabling all businesses to reduce risk, drive performance, and improve environmental and social outcomes.

Their experience and reputation made them a perfect fit for JCC, and after completing their in-depth audit we were provided with a detailed report on our strengths and weaknesses, along with a corrective action plan to drive continual improvement.




Product and Packaging

The JCC Design & Development team strives to produce products that are designed for the contractor, ensuring installation is fast and simple, whilst providing a broad range to suit the majority of requirements. In addition, all new products in development are accessed to ensure they support our sustainability initiative.  


  • Implementing circular economy ideology into product design to ensure repairs and replacements are sustainable
  • Ongoing reduction of non-recyclable packaging 
  • Converting emergency batteries from NICD & NIMH to Lithium which are more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle




Sustainable facilities

2022 saw JCC's move to Lux Park, our 86,000+ square foot distribution center in Chichester, on the doorstop of the South Downs National Park. Lux Park not only provides logistical benefits, but also provides a platform to enhance our sustainability practices. Part of this initiative includes the installation of solar panels covering the roof of Lux Park and the adoption of hybrid electric company vehicles and charging points to help reduce our energy consumption from fossil fuels​




Responsible waste management

As a responsible manufacturer of electrical goods, we encourage the reuse and recycling of products and their components to reduce their impact on the environment. 

  • WEEE Compliance to meet and exceed recycling requirements  (waste, electrical and electronic equipment directive)
  • Supporting the European packaging waste directive
  • Responsible battery waste management to ensure any batteries in our products are sustainable and safe throughout their entire life cycle





Team mission alignment

To support our sustainability initiative, we believe that it is essential to have an internal culture that encourages and supports improving sustainability. Every team member at JCC is motivated to reduce their footprint and make an impact on our environment. Some of our supporting activities include: 

  • Beach cleaning to support our local coastline
  • Personal carbon footprint and CO2 savings training
  • Sustainable development goals added to staff targets 
  • Additional leave day added for charity/sustainability activities 
  • Inititated Cycle to Work scheme to reduce our commuting footprint