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Commercial Linear

Low glare, UGR <19 compliant fitting

Commercial Linear



Four wattage selectable via internal dip switches

3000K / 4000K / 5700K selectable colour temp.

Ultra efficient performance, up to 144 lpcW






Low glare, UGR <19 compliant fitting

Our new Commercial Linear UGR fitting is UGR <19 as standard, designed to comply with BS EN 12464-1 lighting of workspace. Non-UGR versions available. View full range here.







Focussed 90º beam angle, aids in reducing glare

The Commercial Linear features a focussed 90º beam angle. The diffuser has been designed so that no light is spilled out of the side of the product, which aids in reducing glare.







Four wattage and three colour selectable

Commercial Linear offers the flexibility to select the wattage to suit your installation needs, and is available in 22W/25W/28W/31W or 30W/32W/34W/36W. 

A simple switch on the LED gear tray allows users to choose between 3000K, 4000K and 5700K colour temperatures.







Wattage selectable feature offers greater versatility for lighting designers

The wattage selectable feature provides versatility for lighting designers, allowing settings to be adjusted to suit different lux level requirements across a broad range of applications, whilst maintaining low glare. All from one light fitting.

500+ Lux
Workshop areas

500 Lux

Panorama of empty tables and chairs in a classroom. Empty class.

300 Lux
Large halls 

200 Lux
Breakout rooms







Anti-tamper end caps for added peace of mind

Our new Commercial Linear fitting is UGR <19 as standard, designed to Commercial Linear features anti-tamper end caps, providing peace of mind for any installation. 

Once the secure locking mechanism is unlocked, simply slide the secure locking caps from both sides of the fitting to release the diffuser.







DALI dimmable and microwave on/off options

Commercial Linear is available in DALI dimmable and microwave on/off sensing options.







Self-test as standard on emergency variants

Self-test as standard on emergency variants, automatically carries out routing testing for complete peace of mind.







Efficient performance, up to 144 lpcW

With a high efficiency and bright output of up to 138 lpcW, our Commercial Linear exceeds the requirements for part L of the building regulations in commercial environments.







Commercial Linear



Four Wattage & three colour selectable

Low glare, UGR <19 compliant fitting

Ultra efficient performance, up to 144 lpcW

Covered by our 5 year extended warranty