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Skydisc™ Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Light

Versatile downlight for mounting to new & retrofit ceilings.

Featuring a versatile bracket with adjustable clips, our Adjustable Downlight allows retrofitting into ceiling cut outs from 65mm to 205mm without the need to cut a new hole. Emergency option available.



Skydisc Adjustable





Watch: Skydisc Adjustable Wall/Ceiling Light

Our new adjustable downlight has been designed as a versatile solution that can be installed in a variety of ceilings.

The bracket and clips can be adjusted to fit cut-outs ranging from 65-205mm, making it an ideal solution when retrofitting into cut-outs from traditional light sources.

Watch the video to learn more from our Technical team.







Versatile mounting options

Our Adjustable Downlights can be semi-recessed into new or existing ceiling cut outs, or surface mounted by removing the adjustable spring clips from the bracket.





CCT option available

A simple switch allows users to change between 3000K, 4000K or 5700K colour temperatures from beneath the ceiling (JC130002 only).





Emergency option available

Our single colour Adjustable Downlight (JC131001) can easily be converted into an emergency option using our remote emergency pack (JC131003).





Detachable decorative rims

Our Adjustable Downlight comes with a white rim as standard, with the option to purchase additional decorative rims in black, silver and rose gold finishes.





Market leading warranties

We believe a manufacturers warranty is your assurance of quality and reliability. Our Adjustable Downlights
are supported by a 3 year extended warranty. (Extended warranty requires online registration.)





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