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RGBW Controllers

For use with JCC RGBW LED Strip

Our new LED remotes & Controllers range offers the best solutions for your RGBW applications.
A flexible and easy to use Wall Mounted Control and Hand Held Remote Control can be used to operate all types of RGBW lighting. This includes RGB colour changing, White colour temperature dimming and dynamic mode selection - all from the same remote.







Easy to set up & pair

Both the hand held remote control and wall mounted control are battery powered and do not require any additional wiring.

Pairing is simple, when the controller is connected and the remotes have batteries, you can control your strip. 







Set your zones

To pair zones, press the ON button, turn on mains supply to selected group (zone), press and hold for 2 to 8 seconds and pairing is completed when the white LED’s Flash 3 times. Repeat this for each zone. The hand held remote allows for 3 zones and the wall mounted remote allows for 4 zones. 








Control from the Hand Held Remote Control

Our hand held remote control allows for flexible control from anywhere up to 30m away from the contoller/receiver. You can pair up to 2 hand held remote controls to each of the 3 zones that the control allows.

The hand held remote is made to be used with our JC121372 RGBW 2.4G RF controller/receiver. 







Control from the Wall Mounted Control

Our wall mounted remote control offers a fixed control position in the room and is the same dimensions as a typical wall switch. The remote is battery operated, meaning you can reposition easily if neccessary, and can be placed anywhere up to 30m away from the contoller/receiver.

You can pair up to 2 wall mounted remote controls to each of the 4 zones that the control allows. The wall mounted remote is made to be used with our JC121374 RGBW 2.4G RF controller/receiver. 







Out of sight control up to 30m

Both the Hand Held Remote and Wall Mounted Control use an RF signal, allowing control of your LED strip from up to 30m away.

A direct line of site from the remote control to the controller is not required to operate.





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RGBW Controllers